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Headset sound gone when reconnecting it

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Hello Guys! 

For a few weeks I've got a new bluetooth headset. When I start my squad game with it connected its all fine. But when I need to switch to my headset mid game, I cant get squad to switch over to the bluetooth headset. 

Another issue is when I've been playing with my headset, I get something from the kitchen and the headset disconnects. When I connect it again, theres no audio whatsoever. Even switching to my regular headphones and USB mic set-up is not working then. 


Any fixes for this? 

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HI @Cyberzomby,


afaik, you cannot switch the audio output device mid game.


to consider:

  • The headphone you want to use in Squad needs to be the default device in windows
  • It needs to be plugged in (and active) before you start Squad.



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