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Destroyable sandbags

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Hi folks!


I feel (although it is quite fun to build power-fortresses) that it is somewhat (very) unrealistic to have sandbags be 100% resistant to everything thrown at them, e.g. incoming rpgs, 50+cal, etc. A sandbag would of course be blown to hell by any kind of rpg round, even a hesco would be bad off. Most likely, a sandbag won't resist that many 50 rounds either before its protective ability has been greatly diminished (sand running out anyone?). Think about it, if sandbags would be so great we would have sandbagged vehicles instead of armoured vehicles. Also, if sandbags were to be destroyable then it would be easier and more realistic to clear out those super-FOBs that some people are bitching about (although I, personally think they are super-FUN, but that's just me).


So, I propose a super-easy quick-fix that I am sure the devs propably thought about, but haven't come about for some reason I don't know. It goes like this:

We assume that a sandbag has like 100% buildpoints when it's build (right?) and that it is completely unbuilt (disappeared) at 0%. OK, so why don't you just

take away 100% of the build points of the sandbag receiving the direct rpg hit so it just disappears? Maybe it doesn't look supernice, but probably won't be noticed so much in the smoke and all. If you want to make it even better, remove like 50% from those around it too. And even better -well some stuff flying around, but my point being here of course: Give us the quick-fix ability to clear away sandbags right here and now (all the mechanism are already there, it would be super-easy I am guessing)! It would add much dynamics to the gameplay and bring about much more interesting gameplay at almost no developer's effort! If it doesn't look 1000% supernice, it is still OK!


(Actually, can't rpgs remove build-points from just about anything that way?)



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Respawn Mechanics and Power-Forts

I think the respawn mechanics need to be changed a little, more true to life than resing whole squads from the dead. That will, I think impact the longevity of defending those super forts more than sandbag durability. 

-Played a game a few nights ago. Had an FOB lasted for 15-20mins being surrounded constantly by the enemy. FOB was in a walled off building with only 1 entrance. The FOB was a third the size of the walled courtyard it was built in. Our team except for 1 squad was spawning on it and multiple enemy squads were constantly right against the wall on the outside trying to get in and throwing grenades over. Medics were just getting everyone back up again and again. No sandbags required. 


But you are right storage site would no longer be a power-fort position anymore.

Once airsupport gets implemented maybe that will help.



I don't think sandbags should have durability though. The timescale of everything in this game and the amount of fighting from powerful weapons in a game i think they would go down pretty quick in even 1 engagement realistically. I don't think there would be much reason to build them and not just straight away to the blocks. One engagement can last a few minutes from an enemy vehicle they'd probably be gone.

If I was driving a vehicle it would be too much fun to drive up a hill a long distance away and shoot their sand bags, come back and do it again before the team even advanced to their position. 

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