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Squad servers not working at all plz help!

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hey i have a big issue with this game every time its a update this time i have no servers showing up i cant join the firerange nothing´s working at least i come in to the meny i cannt see the other server meny that is some intresting shit.
i´ll did try out every step i cant posible think of %localappdata% wipe this data took the steps with my firewall and i dont have and i dont have a antivirus, and i verify the game did restart rauter did restart my ip and VPN om my computer nothing there i did the steps with as admin reinstall game multible times to try it out nothing all is the same i did reinstall steam now all my games is wiped reinstall game and did the last steps i did tell you about did reinstall my internet connection nothing there what can it be with the game that is so hard to fix ?
plz give me a hand i dont want to delete this game from my life

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