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Changes are coming...

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In an effort to be more inclusive and helpful to our international communities, I would like to announce that we are beginning our efforts to add international sections to our forums. This will include areas to post your questions/comments/feedback into specific areas for native speakers of many languages. While this isn't going to be an overnight process we will push forward with this as quickly as possible.


During this time, we will be cleaning up and modifying some sections of the forums. This will hopefully streamline and make the forums much more accessible to everyone internationally. The rules for the forums will be getting looked over and updated as some of these items are a bit out of date. If you have any questions at all, please direct them to myself or any member of our moderator staff.


As a part of this effort, I am looking for people that are interested in being moderators for specific language sections. If you are interested, please DM Odin directly with the language you would be interested in moderating. We would prefer that anyone who wants to assist in moderating be able to speak English as well so as to be able to communicate with us easier. Thank you for your patience and bear with us as we begin updating the forums.

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Nice one, we have lots of multI ligual player spread the word.


Side note understand scotish does that count ,lol

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1 hour ago, wintski said:

I speak fluent Essex and bad English.

sign me up lol

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For goodness sake...When I first read "Changes-are-coming" i had a panic attack,thought for a second OWI have sold their souls to EA/Dice...


Thank Gawd I was being a delusional Old Fool!. xD


I can speak Spanglish... :D

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A nice thing to attempt but I think this is a bad idea for the following reasons. I went through this for our company forum for an electronic product which has complex support requirements globally.

  • Forum becomes segregated with many users never seeing large amounts of content.
  • Ideas with great merit are lost in low traffic areas of the forum.
  • Important content needs to be duplicated between languages and can become incorrect or obsolete quickly.
  • Languages with little content actually detract from the apparent popularity of the game causing users who may be valued members of the community to never even join in, perhaps never getting the game.
  • I'm sure this list was far longer, ill have to find my notes from work.

Instead I would recommend integration of google translate even if it is just a button to translate the site.

  • Allow posting in any language in main sections.  Ask users and moderators to post google translations if needed.
  • The negative is that some users do not realise they can post in other languages so sticky a post with a long title in lots of languages to show them the way you want it done. 
  • Language, Sprache, Idioma, Taal, Langue, Γλώσσα, Lingua, 언어, Språk, Język, язык, Iaith


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