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Server unreachable after 24 hours

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Hello community,


I'm a member of the TWB clan (The Wild Bunch) and we do have 1 squad server online, though with an issue. If we start the server, then the server can be joined, though after approx. 24 hours the server becomes un-reachable. It's visible in the server browser (still on custom tab) and can be selected to join. But there it ends. The battlemetrics rcon still works at that point. Due to this issue we have to restart our server every 24 hours. Is this a known issue or is our server set-up is bugged?

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I've experienced the same on Linux once where it happened after a (scheduled thus automatic) restart. The log showed the server complaining about being unable to reach the Steam-network during startup. That left it in a somewhat undefined state apparently. It was running, still players couldn't join (I presume because it thought it cannot reach Steam) - a manual restart fixed it. I thought it would've been a temporary issue with Steam as I've only experienced it once so far a couple of weeks ago (during Summer Sale, were Steam was at it's limits sometimes anyways...).

Check your logs and see if it's something similar, then I'd try to figure out the reason for it failing to connect to Steam.

If it's not the same - then no idea. If that would happen daily on me, I'd probably write a script that greps the log after start, looking for any specific lines showing only when it's hanging - then trigger a restart.

Sure, that''s not the nicest approach but currently Linux is a bit of alpha-alpha-ish with UE as well as with Squad servers, so... yeah.


Haven't seen it on any of our windows servers happening ever, so it might be something specific to Linux.

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