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Hey its Paint!

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Hello fellas,


Im Paint originally i started playing Realism FPS with ArmA 2 started up as a dirty DayZ scrub but quickly switched over to ACE Servers.

Had really alot of Fun in there, Many different Weapons, Vehicles, Aircraft and quiet a lot of fun just ****ing up sometimes.

I first bought this game in December of last year but just quickly booted it up once and didnt got deeply into it based on the Vision System,

Where i couldnt see shit. Somehow in the last few days i got back into it, And really started to appreciate and enjoy it.

The same kinda moments and the tactical usage and communication of squads is alot of fun and a nice challenge, its difficult to communicate

sometimes cause its open for everyone if you dont play in a dedicated Group / Clan. But what do you want to expect people are people.

The Teamwork and the general attitude of the playerbase if really nice. People WANT to help you. Especially those medics which do an incredible job.

as a newbie i do have quiet alot of vision problems but as its probably the same for everyone i appreciate it somehow. Its really great to just lay and let the enemy pass, Or have a BMP drive 10 meters past you while you hide in a bush. these Moments is what i missed, and squad does it better than ever.

As a ending id like to say that i also love the size of the playerbase, just small enough to have known guys, who you remember and really enjoy it when you randomly  end up in the same squad. big shoutout to [RIP] guys which provide awesome servers, and their Leader skills are incredibly awesome while they stay calm when you ****, and also can have a laugh with you. 


Just wanted to give you a small view into the Opinion of a freshly started guy who got totally hooked.


See you on the Battlefield !


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Glad to hear your loving it.  It's  cracking game.

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