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Need Help With My Graphics Card! (Nvidia Geforce GTX 950)

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I need assistance with either finding a way to get more fps or instruction on over clocking my card! I have a intel core

i7-6700k 4.00ghz

16GB ram

64bit operating system

GTX Nvidia Geforce 950 gpu

My chip is a GeForce GTX 950

My Monitor is a Dell ST2410(Digital)

And in forest/woodland maps I get 30-40fps and in Desert maps I get 50-70fps but its really choppy!

Any information, suggestions, and instructions for more fps or overclocking would be great! I use MSI afterburner but am willing to get any other software to help!

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Before you oc anything you should first point out where the bottleneck is. Type in the console..
I think it was "stat unit"[without "" ;-)](pls correct me if this is wrong) to see the timings your CPU/GPU needs to render one frame. Lower is better.
There you can see what to do.
If cpu is high you can Overlock this
if draw is high it's your GPU where you can both oc it or turn down graphics settings.

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