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Game freezing problem returns

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so my problem wasn't actually fixed last time, was just a coensidence or something that my game wasn't freezing my whole computer.


I am really lost. I wan't to play this game so much normally, but it is not possible. I do everything I can to fix it... (High priority, disable win. update service...)


FPS is not an issue, I play at 35fps stable which is OK for me.



If there is something more performace depending, it decreases the FPS in most of the games, not in my case.

My PC gets frozen for 0.5 - even 10 seconds.

Before I updated my video driver, something like "waiting for GPU to catch up" was in a log, not anymore.

Now I get: game thread stalled, waiting for particles.

It doesn't seem like LOW graphical settings make any difference. EPIC or LOW, still does the same.



90% occurance when there are lot of people on the server, 10% randomly when server is empty/or when playing BASE gamemode with few players.

"Randomly" is actually not definite, it usually stutters if following happens, but not always:


Any kind of close combat (all those weapon sounds and bullet hit effects)

What makes me most sad/angry - when I try to shoot someone rly close.

It's not just the game, but whole PC lags. (Even the mouse cursor)

Lags when the above happens for the first time, then it runs fine for a few moments, then it "resets" (Some textures get blurry agin, like weapon model.., and lags start agin).

Black clipping textures.



MB: ASUS M5A97 R2.0

CPU: AMD FX-6300


RAM: Kingston 8gb KIT DDR3 1866 Mhz CL10

HDD: WD Blue 64MB cache 1000MB


Do you guys thing it could be becouse I had windows updates disabled completely for over a year?

There is a list of what I've already tried:

Completely re-installing (updating) video driver.

Setting high priority to the game task.

Disabling superfetch service.

Disabling windows update service.

Sound quality set to LOW.

Disabling radio filter.


I really feel like I am the only one having this issue. I should definetelly reinstall my system, but I have so much data that I need, it would take a lot of time to back it up...

So any other tips? Thank you.

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I've tried to describe the symptoms and edited the first post ^^^^^^

Yes, actually forgot to mention it. Cleared appdata and checked game integrity.


As I was browsing through other threads about this, ppl say it gets fixed by game update, or that it returns after an update. In my case,

game version doesn't seem to effect it in any way. Weird, isn't it?


I am on Windows 7 64bit

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2 hours ago, Psyrus said:

What cpu and gpu do you have? And how much ram?

Post updated ^^^^^^

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Freezing is a common problem, especially after v9 update:

I saw that those freezes are much longer and more often on Gorodok and Yehorivka, when you can play without any or bigger problems on Logar, Sumari, Fools Road or Kohat. Al Basrah is beetwen those two groups. Next thing I noticed - if round ends and you load new map, freezing will be much worse. When you disconnect and enter server again, they will be less of them.

I think there is definitely something wrong with optimalization, game is often loading something making those freezes. And after long time playing, it will not keep those loaded assets, but it will "delete" them when you move to another location. So when you go back, where you been fighting 10 mins earlier, it will be freezing, like you will be first time there.

Personally I don't have idea how to fix this, I tried everything, even spoken with testers. The only idea can be buying a new powerful pc.

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I had the exact same problem, but I only have 6GB of ram and basically what was happening was that squad was using too much ram, causing squad to start using the pagefile. I still only have 6GB of ram but I solved the stuttering problem by moving my page file to my SSD, which means that it is relatively instantaneous, meaning that the frame dips went from 40->15fps to 40->35fps in general when something needs to be loaded from the pagefile. 


When you're playing squad, just monitor how much ram it is using. Mine said it had a working set of about 2GB, but the commit was 6.1GB. You can monitor it with the Resource Monitor




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I also noticed that lot of lags comes if I am nearby an APC.

Currently not in a situation to afford new PC just becouse the game is not optimized... I know, the game is still "Alpha".. But you know how it is right?


I wouldn't bother crying about the lags if I had problems playing other games, but this really seams like the game needs either a way to fix this for lower PCs or optimizations..

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