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Extracting the sounds

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Would it be possible to use your sounds? Especially sonic cracks. Sometimes I spend time in After Effects, and I would have a great use of it.



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Extracting anything from our game files is considered a violation of the EULA and is therefore not allowed. 

You can find it here: http://store.steampowered.com/eula/393380_eula_0

Pay specific attention to:


It is not permitted:

To make copies of the Multimedia Product,

To operate the Multimedia Product commercially,

To use it contrary to morality or the laws in force,

To modify the Multimedia Product or create any derived work,

To transmit the Multimedia Product via a telephone network or any other electronic means, except during multi-player games on authorised networks,

To create or distribute unauthorised levels and/or scenarios, assets and/or art,

To decompile, reverse engineer or disassemble the Multimedia Product.

To remove, disable or circumvent any security protections, proprietary notices or labels contained on or within the Multimedia Product;

To modify or alter the Multimedia Product to cheat or hack.

To charge or require payment for user created content and or mods.


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Totally understand.


Is there any way you could share some of the sounds?

Edited by Mateus

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