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Duck Army Headquaters [GER / ENG]

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Welcome to the Headquaters! 


80 Slots - Active Admins - Official Languages English and German!


Home of runningDuck and the Duck Army! 




Teamwork orienated firenldy environment. 





#1 : We will remove Teamkiller, Trolls, Griefer, Soundspammer, Racists and all similar idiots.

#2 : Squadleads require a Microphone. If you lead a Squad without a Microphone you are destroying gameplay for a lot of other people.

#3 : Play constructive and in a team orientated way. Wasting Vehicles, Extreme Lonewolfing, actions without any common sense can result in a kick. 

#4: Listen to the Admins. If Admins broadcast while a game is live they do it for a reason. Listen and everything is gonna be alright. 

#5: Our official Languages are German and English, Squadleads are highly recommendet to speak english.




If you feel like you want to be part of the Duck Army feel free to Enter our Discord: 




This is also the Place to go to appeal bans and kicks.


See you in the Headquaters!

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