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Will we see PR gameplay emerge from Squad. Like this >

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Hello all Squids.


We all love Squad, and many of us still love PR. PR is the daddy of Squad, and if you want to see where Squad is heading.. well Project Reality is a clear vision.

With many of our devs having worked on PR.


One thing that stands out for me in PR is it seems the gameplay is even more team play enforced (The community enforces it's own rules brilliantly)

For example, at the start of each round when squads are set up, they take it seriously in Squad recently I saw names like this.


Gas em even more Assad

No ****ing NoObS

Big *** Bastards


Maybe it's my age but I don't see any humour in this at all, not only does it make the game look foolish to PR players I think it presets a mindset.


In PR squads are given specifical names based on their role.







Obviously, some of those are not here in Squad as yet but you get the idea. Transport for instance, they will the entire game, come back to main base, pick up troops and drop them off anywhere on the battlefield. They return and wait. This goes for the Transport helos as well. This adds a HUGE amount of enjoyment and it pushes teamplay even further.


Will Squad ever get to this level is my question really, I hope so. It does, feel like for the majority of the time it's just 5 individual Squads, a little bit of other squad comms and not much else. How we change this I do not know.


In PR Squads move down a street, then tell the APC to follow, they stick together and the infantry look after the APC, it's amazing.

Well, that's a long post enough said, would love to hear your thoughts.



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Even though I agree to some points, I'm not sure what kind of answer you expect to get here, nobody knows.

I believe it's the responsibility of each community to make sure such immsersive-breaking and offensive names are gone, as well as push teamplay.

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There's no point in squad names because literally everyone is infantry. Without locking, smaller squads that run certain assets or missions arent really supported.

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Hmm, I hear you. But will the Squad community enforce its own rules? that's on thing I love about PR. Even though squad 1 and 2 are both apc for example.

Nobody.. NOBODY will touch their vehicle, they could leave it anywhere and nobody will ever touch it barring them. Awesome. Just as no INF will take any vehicle that's no assigned to their squad. 

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I think, the time will tell, for Squad is alpha.:P




As admin:


I started to be admin on a gameserver since some days, but often I fell like I have not the power I need to. Its easy to kick or ban a misbehaving player from the server, but I am missing the "grey patterns".  Those things like: Kick SQ with no mic from his SL position (not from the entire server). Forced namechanges for Squads.


And the possibility to "force lock" an inappropriate SL from taking a SL-Role again after he got kicked from SL position. So once he lost his SL-Role he can never get it again during his stay on the server (that session or for a week or something)


Squad suffers now and then from new players (freeweekend) that do new squads without leading them, just for they want to know how the game works. Other players join these squads but can't play proper.


And another gamebreaking thing: Just like the last weekend lots of "noobs" do new squads just to test and destroy vehicles at mainbase. Therefore there is not a message to the admin like "player x destroyed own team vehicle", so that we incombat admins get aware of this and can act.


As player:


I really feel the need for a vote system, that makes the squadmembers opinion kick an SL from SL-Role. Lots of times on server's I not do admin, there are those bad SL that take roles with sniper-scopes and don't lead. 


As a SL: I would prefer an option where I can lock roles that they squad don't need at this time. Over and over again I am telling: No marksman need but any new Squadmember takes that role... After 1h of telling what roles I want or not, I don't have the power to do this anymore, so I feel like "ok, Team so lets loose this cause you dont listen". Therefore, locking roles is also needed imo.


If these distractions get lessend the gameflow gains profit.:)

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I think Squad community will mature as game mature... We still miss some features of PR. It seems to me as we are getting there. This game have amazing progress if you take into account that this alpha/EA. But yeah, PR still got its charm and once you get into round you realize quickly that Squad is not there yet.

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playing with random players on public servers could be really cancer at the moment

too many new players, the few experienced players couldnt absorb the lack of basic knowledge.

the result is pure chaos :

wrong behavior like teamkilling if some of them get bored

the excessive waste of vehicles

false placing of radios 

wrong priorities



but i am sure that it will get better in the next two months




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More in game restrictions and penalties and a good mature non-abusive administration of servers will slowly help stop this.


The more the game has grown the more it feels like PR but not quite there yet, some of us are here for the long haul though.


Yeah its no where near PR yet, but I have faith hence why personally have stuck by it even though its been very arcadey/run and gun/twitchy I am a true believer and have faith in the Dev's.


I was waiting for PR2 before it was even considered, Hardcore Teamwork Battlefield  = Squad :D

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Yehorivka & Gorodok since their expansions, can have somewhat, some of those good old PR feels & vibes. Transport, logistics and armed vehicle support are the main deciders on those maps. The pacing feels nice too, less constant yolo action like we see on OP First Light, Sumari, Chora etc 

It's not as common since free weekend/sale though, due to the influx of new people learning the game and adjusting to the bigger maps. But it should get back to it in a couple of weeks.

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