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Squad Match Maker: A Squad Team Community Hub

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I'd like to invite all Squad Teams  and Squad players to join the Squad Match Maker Discord.

I've been picking away at this Discord for a couple weeks now, and think it's time to open it up and see what happens.






My intention is to create a  Community Hub to help your team find Squad matches of all types, as quickly and as easily as possible.

Match Maker will compliment the other existing Squad communities, and is intended to bring all Squad Teams together.


In a nutshell, I'd like to help make the process easier for your Match Directors, by creating a single, central location where Squad Teams come with one intention: To find a Match and face off against other Squad Teams.


Squad Team Leaders

Use Squad Match Maker to help streamline the process of finding a practice match for your team.

Expose your team to new Squad Teams you may not have met yet.


Individual Squad Players

Visit Match Maker and join the merc_for_hire  channel where Squad Teams looking for pickup players can invite you to take part in a Match.


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Here is a proper Discord Link for long term use.




We are populating the North American, European & Australian Team Directories, so if you'd like to have your team included please join the Discord and message an admin.


Thanks to Team [FFO] for being first to post a Match!

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Added a 'Mercenaries' aspect to MM


Individual players or even small groups of players not yet able to deploy as a full Squad can be assigned a 'Mercenary' role within the Discord to allow Team Reps to alert you to open slots for matches.


Message a MM Admin to be assigned a the 'Mercenary' role.

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