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Do people run dedicated Logistics Squads?

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You asked why the claiming system is great, and I've told you. You seem to think that because you don't like the system, and that your way of thinking is right, how could anyone else like this system? I've told you why, and you still don't understand why people support the system. All I could tell you is that people like the system. If you want to know why, I think it's better you don't ask. You won't like the answers.


Let me take the opposite viewpoint. Why solo claiming is great. Well, that means I can claim any vehicle I want at anytime. I can take it without consequence. I can spawn at the main base and take a vehicle solo by myself and not have to wait for others. I think it's great because I don't have to consider how it will affect other squads or people.


The important thing is, I get what I want when I want it and don't have to wait for a squad mate to claim it for myself. And when I need it for my squad, well so what if i'm by myself? It's their fault for not sticking with ME. Why should I stick with someone because I want to pick up a vehicle? I'm picking it up for THEM! This is a very special situation in which, all other 8 squad members were unable to move with me to pick up this Stryker that holds 11 people.

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