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Very poor experience with ViLayer

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A warning for those thinking of signing up with ViLayer. They may be the cheapest official server provider and they do actually have great performance on their machines, but it comes with a cost. They have the worst customer support I've ever dealt with in my life and they constantly have website issues and server outages.


The only way to contact ViLayer is via a support ticket however they don't respond to standard tickets at all and take days, if not weeks, to respond to emergency support tickets (that is if they even bother to respond at all. I've heard many horror stories about them just closing tickets instead of replying). If you don't believe me then before you purchase a server lodge a pre-sales ticket and see how long they take to respond. Usually, the sales team is the quickest department to respond so it's a good indicator of what to expect.


Our server has gone down twice in the two weeks it's been up and both times we didn't receive any response from ViLayer support. One of those times was during the peak of the free weekend when we had 80 players on our server. When the server crashes all we can do is wait for the problem to fix itself. The website has also gone down twice in the two weeks so during those times we've been completely unable to manage our server (e.g. change map rotation, add admins, restart server, etc.).


I know we aren't an isolated case as I have had many other people from the Squad community message me and tell me they have had the same experience with ViLayer. Just check out the 180+ 1-star reviews they've received here: https://au.trustpilot.com/review/www.vilayer.com

Unfortunately here in Australia they are the only official server provider that offers 80-slot servers so we're stuck with them until the Aus/NZ player base increases to where it would be feasible to get a dedicated server instead. For everyone else who has other options available, I'd highly suggest going with someone else instead and avoiding ViLayer at all costs.

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