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Radio chat audible in local, and animation + 1

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I know this has been talked about before, but the threads are pretty old and I've heard making active an old thread is frowned upon. Plus a mass of threads on a similar issue might help the problem in getting addressed rather that just one.


The problem I speak of is Comms audio in game being limited to the channel that it is being broadcast on.


When a person talks down a radio, It is reasonable to expect that the guy standing next you (friendly or enemy) heard it, since the words did come from your mouth and travel through the air (simulated air of course.)


Aside from the already mentioned benefits to squad knowledge such as making sure that things don't have to be repeated, or worse, go unsaid because of how reasonable it is to assume that the guy next to you heard what you just said down the radio, It would also add a fair amount of tactical consideration on the part of the speaker in the case of a person trying not to be detected.


Speaking in a firefight, if close enough to a friendly or an enemy, and being heard by either would give away your position, meaning that responding to a radio message that you just heard come through might occasion you to be a little more cautious to avoid being spotted. Obviously when the proverbial "s**t" is hitting the equally proverbial "fan", you can afford to should your ass off as you probably won't be heard by the enemy who is firing their weapon at you but your team mates will get the message okay and act accordingly.


Also with the extra consideration for being heard when you speak:

If friendly, you don't have to repeat yourself... meaning less overall chatter and more shooting and,

if enemy, you might think twice about how much you say and how important it is in a tense situation... meaning less overall chatter and more shooting again.


+ combat atmosphere

+ immersion


- unnecessary chatter when inappropriate


Win, win... right? 


I also like the idea of radio usage meaning that you are unable to fire as well (due to the engagement of a hand or something). This would make local chat the most intuitive form of shouting whilst firing. This would need to be paired with a animation for radio of some kind to communicate this to the player and the animation would have other benefits to game play also i.e. at a glance context of a communication you overhear nearby.


I'm interested to hear any feedback on the idea and I have read a number of responses on the topic already which I found interesting. Some with an attitude towards this kind of idea saying that "Squad is not Arma" and alike. If the concern would be accessibility, while I don't see that this would negatively impact that in any great way, if at all... perhaps a possibility of a separate play mode... perhaps like a hardcore mode? This would allow those who wish to keep the laid back chat and no consequence chatter in combat while allowing others to opt into a more immersive combat environment. Not ideal to split game modes like that and I personally don't think it would need to happen but like any choice i guess, there are up sides and down sides.


Thanks for taking the time.


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They have said in the past that they will not make it so you can hear the enemy. I do think it would be nice if radio comms played local for friendlies at least. It sucks when you get split from your squad in a firefight and end up working with another and you don't get to hear the bearing call outs because they are using squad radio.

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I disagree with radio also being transmitted to local. IRL you will be able to easily tell if someone is talking into their radio, or talking to you. 


In a game like this you'll have to say "no,  not you" to the people around you, nearly every time you speak. 


Things will get very confusing when using squad comms, and organized squads WILL switch to Discord or Teamspeak. 

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