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New here - Game on trial.. Looking for a UK clan

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Hi guys,

I cucked myself and bought the game on sale. 

As far as I know, this is a trial and I may yet refund it.. it's gonna cost an arm and a leg for me to upgrade from my potato. But I've saved good boy points and gone for it.

I'm looking for a fun group of lads to play. I enjoy killing ragheads and like politically incorrect side of life.

I am in my early thirties and prefer to play with 24+ age group.

If you have any websites for me to check out or want to add me on steam let me know. I'm a regular discord user.



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Greetings & welcome! You'll find that most clans don't mind political incorrectness to an extent, quite a mature community we've got here!
In my opinion the easiest way to find your place and the group you get along is to surf through the servers until you find one that has good games and start frequenting it until people start recognizing your butt and sleeze your way in that way. But, for a traditional approach this would be the place to start looking:



: I dunno @Planetdong, works fine on my end, but it doesn't seem to want to do the popout thing the other link does. Anyhow, it's just 2 clicks away the teams/clans subsection!

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I'm new to this as well, just hit me up on discord or steam and we can jump into a match together. It's intimidating jumping into a match on your own wondering if anyone will actually help you along. I'm from the US but willing to hop into a match with anyone. I'm also 31, so fit your demographic lol. my steam and discord are both the same as my forum name


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