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[USMC] Killhouse [Seattle] - Feedback

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Whats going on gents, I invite you to join the [USMC] Killhouse [Seattle]. The server has been up for a while now, but if you have any issues with admins or other players just let me know (Steam: A$AP WEAVER). The server is tightly ran and kept as I am a Marine Corps Reservist so I like to run a tight ship. Thank you for your time and hope to see you in my/your Squad.


Also join our Discord group https://discord.gg/GfpZ2G4


Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/WestCoastSquadGang



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@weaver1795 Just as an FYI your discord link is expired. If you are going to use a discord link here it would be best to set it to never expire. ;)

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