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Welcome to Electric FIRESTORM! The most bodacious, righteous, gnarly, off the chain community in Squad.



Discord server

In-game Admin Team

  • Stupid Sexy Flanders (Community Administrator)
  • Cactus
  • ChanceBrahh
  • Cuddly Khan
  • Devar
  • floop
  • Greene
  • mojodojo
  • Panda_Virus
  • Saracen Rush
  • ScottyDontNZ
  • Shortass
  • smileANDwave
  • Swastic


Server Rules

  1. Don't be a ***.
  2. No intentional team killing.
  3. No cheating, glitching or exploiting. This includes:
         - Ghosting
         - Team swapping to gain information
         - Intentionally flipping enemy vehicles
         - Wall glitching
         - Using water to gain an unfair advantage
         - Placing Radios or HABs in impossible to reach areas
  4. No poaching players or promoting other servers.
  5. Squad Leaders must speak English, have a microphone, and communicate with their Squad and other Squad Leaders.
  6. No spamming voice or text chat, unless it's hilarious.
  7. No impersonating as a server admin or another player.
  8. No intentionally sabotaging your own team in any form.
  9. Do not create a Squad unless you intend to Squad Lead!
  10. Players who are AFK, unassigned or have a ping above 200 may be kicked.
  11. Do not discuss tickets in all-chat or say 'gg' prematurely.


Current Map Rotation (April 2017)


  • Sumari AAS v1
  • Gorodok AAS v1
  • Yehorivka AAS v1
  • Al Basrah AAS v1
  • Kokan AAS v1
  • Chora AAS v1
  • Kohat AAS v2
  • Gorodok AAS v2
  • Al Basrah PAAS v1
  • Fool's Road AAS v1
  • Sumari AAS v2
  • Kokan AAS v2
  • Chora AAS v1 Night
  • Gorodok AAS v1
  • Al Basrah AAS v1
  • Fool's Road AAS v3
  • Yehorivka AAS v2
  • Kohat AAS v1
  • Chora PAAS v1
  • Al Basrah AAS v1
  • Kokan INS v1
  • Gorodok AAS v2
  • Sumari AAS v3
  • Fool's Road AAS v2
  • Chora AAS v2
  • Kohat AAS v2
  • Al Basrah PAAS v1
  • Kokan PAAS v1
  • Yehorivka AAS v2
  • Sumari AAS v1
  • Gorodok AAS v1
  • Al Basrah AAS v1
  • Fool's Road AAS v3
  • Chora AAS v2
  • Kokan AAS v1
  • Op First Light AAS v1
  • Logar Valley AAS v1
  • Al Basrah PAAS v1
  • Kohat INS v1
Edited by Stupid Sexy Flanders
Made it pretty

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