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A simple system to encourage search function.

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Since lots of people didn't bother to search for similar topic, let's have a system that do auto-search based on the topic and when they click "submit topic", there should be a warning window that state "There's other topics similar to yours, now do you want to submit topic?" 


Do you guys agreed?

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If you could invent such a program you would be rich beyond your dreams.  Search functions in any forum software is generally just on the sane side of tolerable usefulness.  A simple system like you suggest would be great but raises two problems.  The first problem is that there is no way currently available to really make that work and the second problem is that 99% of the average forum users still would not use it...

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I know a forum where the site searches for you all topics based on the title you gave your topic in real time. It's not impossible and it's really convenient. And if user then decide to not use that automated search function, well.. there is no way you can make them use it anyway.

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