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Teammates being invisible after being revived

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Today i encoutered a new bug ..... teammates can be invisible, but their nametag is still visible.

1. 2 of my Squadmates were invisble after being revived by a non squad medic, the map symbol was indicating they needed to be revived. But in fact they were alive and i could only see their nametag.

2. I found a dead teammate ,also only nametag visible , and after i revived him he became visible again.


sry for my bad english, i will make some screenshots as soon as i can make some.

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Thanks for the report. 2. has been an issue for a while now. It could be that the body is in a different place or falls under the map.

1. is new and I we have not found a way yo make it happen reliably yet. If you find a way please let us know.

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