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Resolution problem

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Hello guys maybe you can help me out.


Since a long time i cannot play Squad becouse everytime i start it in 3840x2160 (4k) it zooms in like hell. Maybe 150% or 200% thats stupid becouse i cant change anything

exept i press alt+enter to go in window mode. And then im not able to change back to fullscreen becouse everytime i do that get the same problem 200% zoom.

1 time i manage to get in a match but after i press spawn it zooms in again like 200% makes the game unplayable for me... sad


Here the things i tried,

also i try to change it with the config (ini) files but that dosent help at all. I try to make the game user ini. copywrite ... dosent help.


Guys i get crazy about it cant play now like a half year or more.


My pc specs:

I7 6850k, 2x Asus 1080 Strix SLI, (disabled 1 card dont help) Asus Rampage V extreme, Samsung pro 250 ssd,

everything watercooled.


Here how it looks ingame:




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