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Alpha Version 9 - Positive Feedback

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Version 9 is awesome and here are some of my favorites:


Weapon Sounds - WOW (I'll probably say wow a lot), you can literally hear the action on the AK now and it sounds awesome.


Bullet Sounds - WOW oh wow, ricochets,whizzing and my favorite GLASS BREAKING!


Bullet Penetration - YES oh YES oh wowie wow wow, now I can hide behind wooden doors and I don't have to wait till they clear the door to shoot and it allows me to hide not behind the door because people now just assume sometimes that I'm hiding behind the door when I'm not.  Sneaky sneaky sneaky...


Vehicles - Love the new vehicles and my favorite is the coordination that starts over the coms to get everyone's AT ready, not just with one squad but getting multiple squad AT to coordinate is awesome and devastating.  With bullet penetration the guns on the vehicles penetrating walls and various items is just awesome and real.  Being able to transport many soldiers at one time is getting more and more crucial and now we can do it.


New AT class - Nothing is more rewarding than be that guy with the tandem rocket and taking out the big guy with a one shot one kill!  I chased a Humvee around for 20 minutes before I finally was able to use it and I just giggled (I'm 41 and don't giggle very much).


Map Changes - Extra foliage, trees, bigger maps, new way super cool buildings and structures... love the scenery, I've died a couple of times while being distracted by the scenery (don't judge me).


New FOB spawn point - I love the new spawn point and how it makes the base more of a base and requires more of a buildup of for each map.


Stamina - I may be in a small group with this one but I like the reduced stamina regeneration rate.


All this and version 9 just came out!  The SQUAD team raised the bar way high - what is in store for the future???

GREAT JOB SQUAD TEAM!  You should setup a go fund me for a pizza party for you guys.




Vehicle Track Sounds - you hear these coming up and you just start running for cover!  I love these sounds.


Vehicle Big Gun Shooting Sounds - OMG, you hear those guns going off and it really increases the battle stress and it is so awesome.


Vehicle Tires on Pavement sounds - this is an excellent detail, great addition.

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Yeah, the update is so great, I just don't understand why people keep complaining. I agree with you on the stamina rate, I believe it adds immersion as the HUD is not so intrusive anymore and you don't constantly check this long green stamina line.

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I've only played a few rounds so far... but I'm really enjoying the update! The vehicle additions have change up the play-style a bit with positive impact so far. I must say that I'm really liking the sound updates too, kudos on that end as it often gets overlooked in some titles. Great sound adds depth. I haven't run into any performance issues either... Good job, now I'm really waiting for those animation updates in next patch.


Great Job!

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Does anyone have a link to the two new soundtracks added the the menu so I can hear the two? 

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