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Dept. of Emergency Services RP | Now recruiting.

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My name is Gerard Wo. and I'm the Director of the Dept. of Emergency Services RP. We're currently looking for new players to join us in our freshly started community.
We at the DESRP are looking for people who want to roleplay in different roles with different people. We want to make patrols realistic, or sometimes semi-realistic. We always try to create the best possible experience for every player. We want a community where people can come to with the feeling that they're going to have a nice patrol.


We currently have 6 different departments. We have the Los Santos Police Department, the Blaine County Sheriff's Office, the San Andreas Highway Patrol, the San Andreas Fire & Rescue, the Communications Department and the San Andreas Citizens.
The LSPD, BCSO, SAHP and the SAFR all have different Teams. Each Team specializes themselves into one specific task. When you reach the rank of Captain, you can apply for the task of being in charge of a Division, a certain area in the map.
We're hiring for all the departments, so join the LSPD, BCSO or SAHP. If you don't have a legal copy of GTA V or is your computer not good enough? Join the Communications Department, or even Internal Affairs. There is always something for you to do here.


We always strive for professionalism and close-to-reality, which is the reason we have an age limit, people of the age of fifteen (15) and up can submit their application. We also want to keep things funny.

Let's create a professional and fun community together, one where maybe friendships can be born!


You can always visit our website by clicking here.


We hope to see you soon!
Dept. of Emergency Services Command Staff

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