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Lone Wolf

Yellow Ants server Bad Experience

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Hello there, i just come to say that i have a very bad experience with this server.

I played it yesterday and it was just fine, today, there were some admins, so i was thinking it would be even better, but no.

I got banned, my cousin who was playing with me said i got banned for team kill, accordin what was writed when i got banned.

The thing is i didn't tk anyone, logs can talk.

I saw a guy named the same as me connect, and 30 sec later, i was banned.

So there is a simpel thing to do, check the logs.

But no, my cousin asked them on the server, they didn't care, i asked [YA] Rain as steam friend and i was able to write him messages, what i did.

I explained him i didn't tk anyone, and asked him to check the logs so he can see, if steam id is attached, that it wasn't me, but he didn't seem to care, he didn't answer.


So yea, this is a bad experience on the yellow ants server.

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Pretty sure moderators will lock this thread based on the new guidelines that OWIs written :

They might even give you a warning appearantly. To me it seems that these kinds of threads are sometimes necessary, as servers admins will be encouraged to behave in a decent manner since they have a reputation to worry about.

This becomes especially important since admins can kick/ban people on a whim, and not lose their server license.

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I also had a bad experience with them, not only once. Admin temper on this server is not ok. They just don't care, and they can kick anyone on the server not just to "protect the integrity of their server and community ", but just to show they can.


Once I got kicked for getting killed with a grenade in my hand, which killed a few of my teammates. I didn't get to write any "sorry", I got kicked in like 3 seconds. Joined back the server, asked why they don't pay attention, why they don't even ask what happened (in a polite way), then I get replies like "be happy we didn't ban you" or "you are here now, it doesn't matter anymore". 


Another time I was in a squad led by [YA] member, I went a little away from the rest of the group just to check a spot for potential danger (no bad intention, I usually like teamwork) and got kicked from squad. After I asked him why did he kick me from the squad, he replied because I got away from the group, told him "lol, you're a funny guy" and next thing you know, I get kicked.


I mean... really? that bad temper? why so grumpy?

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If we don't care we would not provide top notch hardware host for Squad (which costs money, and money does not grow on trees), if we don't care we would not admin the server and we would not have regulars keep coming back and play with us, both from US and Europe. When we play we got full server for full night, sometimes even until 5am to 6am, clearly we are doing something right ;) . We aim to provide good teamplay and good camaraderie between players. If somebody wishes to change and twist that and cause tension in voice or chat (by provoking admins or ANY other players), it will be met with a ban and a "Good luck on other servers" wish.

The rules are clearly stated in the server messages and are simple. No teamkilling/trolling (Apologise for the un-intentional TK to avoid getting kicked), no cheating/exploiting the game and respect all players. During which Squad Leaders are free to kick anybody from their squad they feel like if these people just refuse to cooperate or are trouble makers. We will not kick players from the server for lonewolfing, or somebody that does not speak english. Everybody is welcome to play on our server, no matter what nationality or what language you speak, but Squad Leaders hold true power to choose who will play in their squad. Squad Leaders do the majority of the work so high level of teamplaying is possible, as such we will always try to protect them in whatever way possible.

Ban appeals can be done through adding me or one of our unit members on Steam or you can contact us via Discord. If there was a mistake in ban it will be lifted, if you were causing trouble by teamkilling, trolling, causing tension in voice chat or text chat by provoking and swearing the bans will stay in effect, don't even bother contacting us.

To say that we don't care or the admins are not present is a pure lie, and it tells me thats just your little perspective from your shoebox, but theres a whole another room outside of that box, and even a house. There is no other answer I can give to you really. And ofcourse it bothers me, because we put the work and effort in and we have received sh*t in this post.

We welcome you all on our server, as long as you bring good spirit and respect the rules.

Over and out,
Yellow Ants, Rain


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