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Vehicles don't overheat on Firing Range(a-

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Shouldn't this thing overheat or something?



Reported it using bug report form but I'll report it here too.


Apparently, all vehicles don't overheat. And it looks like devs did it on purpose? And what if I want to test how fast they do overheat? That's exactly how I discovered this bug: I wanted to see how fast Stryker will overheat. Am I supposed to load each map and test vehicles one by one on different maps?

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As far as I am concerned this only happens when you're playing locally (aka firing range), just like you said, and appearently this is because some of the calculations are being done server side, so to fix this i'd imagine they would have to do a fair bit of work to make it work properly without losing too much performance or whatever, which is a low-priority task at the moment ^_^ 

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