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-EST 2007-



We still have our casual players, but we are now also looking for players who wish to participate in more competitive game play in community events and clan matches. If you are interested visit our discord https://discord.gg/ZWZWxvx and ask a clan member for more info. (See Requirements below)



TGF is an INVITE ONLY clan, players are invited under certain conditions. Conditions are as follows but not limited to, (Conditions may change or vary)...



- Must speak English 

- Must be over 18 ( we make certain exceptions depending on maturity but no younger than 16)
- Must have 100+ hours in squad. (Even if you don't, hit up our Discord and hang out with us (we can make exceptions))

- Must be active in the community, on games and our servers/Discord
- Must be a Team Player

- Must be willing to use Discord to communicate with the clan and community.

- Must be friendly and have respect for fellow players and members.

- Have a sense of humour. We are more a community of friends rather than a seriously tactical clan. Saying this though we love to play the game seriously.

- Simply play and hang out with TGF clan members if we find you fit in with our clan or play well you will be invited. (we are looking to expand our ranks greatly.)



-  80 slot SQUAD server

-  Active community of mature gamers, Youtubers and streamers.

-  An Discord Server where you can meet gamers a like, form friendships and build better online gaming groups.

-  CASUAL GAME PLAY. A fun and relaxed environment to game. We do not require weekly attendance like other clans. As long as you stay active with in our                community and play with us when possible. 

- COMPETITIVE GAME PLAY. Clan matches and tournaments for higher quality game play

- Administration privileges across our servers. 









The Green Fellas!  http://tgf.esportsify.com/

We are a Multi national gaming clan since 2007 and as of Early 2017 we have largely expanded into the squad community. Amongst our ranks we have Competitive and casual players, Youtubers, Streamers and everything inbetween. We have players and members from every race religion and corner of the earth. We have different sections to the clan, Members who play competitively and seriously. Members who play for fun and a humorous relaxed experience and Members who create content for Youtube and Twitch which is a variety of tutorials and comedy. We play a wide range of games from Squad and Arma to Rust and Csgo and much more. Use our  Discord https://discord.gg/ZWZWxvx to meet other players and build better gaming groups.


Most our clans Squad players have hundreds of hours in game time and play competitively but we are open to teaching newbies and seasoned players in the community alike, we are willing to teach you how to play the game properly if you are willing to learn. We are here to grow the community. 


Join our Discord below, hang out with our clan, play with us and stay active in our community and if we get along well and your game performance in squad is good, you maybe invited to the clan. 

(( Our Discord is open to everyone. Even if you aren't looking for a clan or are already part of a clan, you are more than welcome to join the Discord, hang out and game with us :). ))




When you join say Hi and let us know how you found us  and we will go from there

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We remain invite only but are still looking to recruit.

(We remain invite only so we can see if you fit with in our community personality wise. So we do not divide or fracture our strong community)


But saying that come hang out and play with us :) https://discord.gg/8ZUJt7A

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Now at Nearly 30 active members. Tight nit community. now In then process of launching more squad servers.

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