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New Noob!! Old Friend!

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Just saying hi to all the ol Joint Operations players!!   Been lost trying to find my new game.   Heard everyone was here!  Never found a game like Joint Operations since!   Been playing arma3...   its ok  but i want better!   Hope this is better!   And can fulfill my needs..   been going crazy tryin to find a game where the masses play as a team.   Hope to see you all in the battle field!  



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Welcome to the familia & what took you so long @Nugz It's been like a Year since @CHICAGOBONES13 came in & said hello. Wanna see =CHI= Clan in the house real soon.

Still play with some of the boys at JointOps at CCr server/EuCherry.

Squad is our DF:AF that we've been waiting for.

See you on the battlefield, Hooah!

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