= 66th Death Korps of Krieg [EU] [RECRUITING] - New clan ! =



The 66th Krieg Mechanized Regiment was formed 29 Dec, 2015 & have been active ever since. 


We are an active Squad group that have a good 16 months of experience under our belt and we don't plan on stopping. We have a core group of members who have played Squad  since it's early days, however we still gladly accept any and all members who wish to join us no matter the experience. 


As the name suggests. we are a group of people who enjoy playing squad on a tactical yet fun level. 

We specialize in mechanized warfare, that means BTR's, Humvees, and MT-LBM for days. 


Our Steam Group





Some basic info about our theme 

The Death Korps of Krieg, the most Grimdark of Grimdark


The Death Korps of Krieg is an Imperial Guard unit which hails from the planet of Krieg. They like entrenchments and gasmasks and are known for their iron discipline and suicidal tolerance for casualties. In fact they will take any objective/vanquish any enemy as long they have enough men to throw in the meatgrinder. Hell, Krieg means WAR in German (as you have gathered, the Imperium does not do 'subtle'). That's how badass they are. What's the difference between them and other Guard units, you ask? These mother****ers don't even give a shit. They're some sort of badass human lemmings, and they are so grimdark that that they alone are responsible for about 20% of the grimdarkness in warhammer 40k.




If you'd like to join just scroll down. 


•Must be 16 or older

•Must want to and make an effort to work as a team

•Must be able to speak clear English and have a microphone

•Be active on teamspeak & attend trainings OP's when possible. 

•Behave in a tactful & proper manner during training, & public servers.

•Respect other members of the 66th & members of other regiments / groups. (You cant be expected to like everyone in the regiment but that does not mean you have to show it.)

•Know the difference between “Fun” & “Trolling”.








Core members:


- Timon


-Mr. DeSoto




-Sir Alecks


Regular members

Too be added.





we hold our weekly OP at friday 20:00 GMT+1 

Training at Friday 19:00 GMT+1 (only applies to new recruits)

Plus we run daily Squad Op's every day. here & there. 




If you would like to join the 66th Krieg Mechanized Regiment

Add [VGS] Hugoboss or Illusioneer on steam. 


Otherwise you could fill out this form and we will contact you shorty.

Steam name




Place of origin*


Why do you wish to join?


What is your preferred class to play?*


What can you help 66th with?*


What are your goals in 66th?*



if you would just like to contact us just visit our teamspeak and poke "Hugo" or "Illusioneer








[Thread still in construction]


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If you join us, you don't just die in combat anymore, you die FOR THE EMPEROR.


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Thanks Hugo for the great effort you put into that post. :)

Looking forward to see some new buddies, see you on the fields!


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