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Metagaming of Scoreboard for Cap Points

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In order to keep the game in line with the realistic philosophy and protect the fair play of the game, I request that the scoreboard does NOT update cap points for players until the end of match or some other suitable time frame sufficient to protect fair play of the game and prevent another instance of metagaming.

The metagaming exploit is easily used at the start of the match to determine how many people are on a capture point - and it is still able to be used in the later phases of the match too.  The scoreboard updates immediately and you can see all the players on a point get their 100 points each time a capture point is taken.


In late game, you may be on the point and you can see the enemy is taking the point, and you can tell when the point is going to fall - so all one has to do is open the scoreboard and watch the score update come through and count the number of people who get a hundred points and then report that to your team by saying there are x number of guys on this point that was just caped and nobody is the wiser.

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