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Hot Keys for 30 Second Mute of Squad & Squad Lead Channel

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In an effort to keep the game in line with the realistic philosophy, I request that 2 new hotkeys be added to mute the Squad and Squad lead channels and optionally, that have a 30 second automatic re-enable (if the person does not re-nable).


Often times you are trying to hear footsteps but can't hear because of the communication over the channels.  A quick hot key would enable us to quite the comms and listen out for foot traffic, grenade, etc... with a 30 second re-enable timer to help prevent constant muting and help forgetful battle stressed people from over muting themselves (optional).


This implementation would require 2 hot keys, one for the Squad channel and one for the Squad lead channel.


Also with this implementation, there should be an emblem added to the main list of team members so as to know who is muted.


The timer is not necessary to me but seems like a good idea - if that wasn't implemented but simple hot keys are, that would be enough as long as there are indicators on the team list so as to prevent people from being constantly muted by creating visibility (admins could then warn, then kick or ban).


There should NOT be an option to mute local channels because you can't mute people in real life.

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