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Ammo Crate - limit ammo, explosives, smoke, bandages

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In keeping with the realistic philosophy of the game, I request that ammo crates have a limited number of ammunition, explosives, smokes, bandages, etc...  If a team wants multiple ammo crates, that is ok as it makes sense but there should be a limit to the contents.


The limit should be determined by the FOB, not the ammo crate so as to prevent people from exploiting this by simply deploying multiple crates.  Multiple crates would simply draw down the FOB ammo crate content counter for each item type as they are consumed.


The behavior should be that the only way to replenish the ammo crates would be from a logi supply run.  When a logi drops off supplies, the ammo crate content counter for the FOB should reset to full with no resource cost and of course, no overstocking from multiple logi supply runs.


As to how many should be allowed of each type... I'm not sure.  That would be best turned over to the community to discuss.

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