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Squad not starting

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So today I tried out a frame boost config with squad and It worked so well and made the game so much better for my AMD 8320 Processor. But after that I tried to see if the same person who posted the config had some other options that could achieve the same results but give some shadows, but it stayed the same. So I just tried to remove the shadow config by verifying the game files and resetting it all, and it was all reset, So i re pasted the configs and tried to start the game but got this error.


So I tried to reset it all back by verifying the files again and got the same error. So I re downloaded the game and applied the config again but it still wouldn't start and I got this error.

so I verified the game files again, and I get the error still. I will try to re download the game and launch without applying the config, but I don't know if its user error anymore if anyone can help me out, please do.


This is the post I got the configs from:

I mean it works, but I think I just messed up somewhere

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