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Hello and welcome to DPRC!

We are a german Project Reality community which is now also represented in Squad.
So you might find a few german-speaking-only squads on our server but the main language is english (especially for squadleaders)
As a community we try to bring tactically advanced gameplay to squad thus we might have a few different rules than other servers.
Here a few examples:
-Squads with the following names claim special vehicles "APC" (BTR-80, HMMWV CROWS) , "SPG" (SPG-Technical), "ARTY" (Rocket-Technical),...
-Don't rush/attack the enemys first capable flag(s) at round start.
-Don't shoot/throw grenades in main base.
-Don't shoot at friendly vehicles at all.
-You need a working microphone in order to play on this server.

Check the links below for a full set of rules.
All rules are subject to change so make sure you are up to date.
We have active admins on our server so please feel free to report players for misbehavior (trolling/griefing/vehicle steal/...)
I hope you will enjoy the stay on our server! If you have any questions or feedback post it down below.

Important links:
Homepage: https://www.dprc-servers.com/
Rules: https://www.dprc-servers.com/page-760726-5.html
Vehicle list: https://www.dprc-servers.com/page-760726-6.html
Ban appeal: https://www.dprc-servers.com/f46-Ban-Appeals.html
Report players: https://www.dprc-servers.com/f45-Player-and-Admin-Reports.html
Server status: https://squad-servers.com/server/2979/


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