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I've bin searching for this topic on the forums and reddit etc, can't find anything about it so feel free to correct me.


But one thing i have bin missing from Sqaud is the option to change the gun from from STD to ALT that is in PR https://puu.sh/u0re7/dee47dad91.png 
Since it is really nice to have the option to remove say only the optic on a gun in that specific roll. personally speaking i just do not use optics, as much as i can avoid it. One reason is that i just like iron sights, and the other is because it takes a lot of space on the screen. And it gives you big blind spots if you are not aiming down sight with optics.


Example when not aiming down sight:





So if it is not planned already, i'm suggesting bring back the option on few of the rolls to have a basic rifle with no optics. Example for rolls who i can see it useful for SL, gren, medic, LMG


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Yeah I totally agree, they need to have some sort of alternate m/standard kit system, also I wish most all standard kits for Us and Russia came with scopes, obviously the could have less scoped versions of those kits for aas maps against insurgent or militia 

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Just wait for coreinventory which will probably come in the late April update.

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