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Need help with Motion Blur!

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Hello errybody!


like to start off by saying the game runs perfectly with my 1070 and my i7 5960x, no problems there.

I tryed playing with the Config, it messed shit up, so I deleted DefaultEngine.cfg and the Saved Folder from my Appdata.

Verified Integrity to Recover DefaultEngine.cfg and started the game, everything is back to Normal but Motion Blur wont work?

Enabled in Game and in GameSettings cfg, what should I do?


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Open all *.ini files in Appdata/*/Squad/*, Engine/Config and Squad.Config folders with notepad++, search for "Blur" in all opened files(search will take less than 1 second). There are tonns of different places where you can turn it on and off, and they very often cause tonns of conflicts between each other, so you'll have to search it yourself.

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