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Ghost Recon Wildlands

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I played the beta for about 4/5 hours and in my opinion "GRW" is garbage, basically what it comes down to is call of duty with vehicles in an open environment. Ghost Recon Wildlands, is nothing but a  shitty console port with shiny graphics, and crap for gameplay !





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On 3/1/2017 at 7:44 AM, Xx-RAGING-DEATH-xX said:


Actually was gonna ask you about this,lol?.

Yea,I haven't even seen me Ol' mucker @rulie at JointOps for along time,saying that,I haven't seen him much in here of late.It's all gone pear shape.

Still here RD mate! My new Squad music video only took me eight months to finish, in-between packing up stuff to move house and fixing other stupid humans computers....i've hardly had anytime to play with me chainsaw! :-[

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.LJ's GR:W review (for PC).


Well. hmmm, where to start on how bad this game really is when you look closely enough and disregard the hilarity factor.

GR:W is a poorly implimented port of a mediocre console game that was obviously regurgitated from the last "title" from Ubisoft and squarely aimed at the bored-teenagers-that-can't-think-for-themselves-but-want-instant-gratification-without-making-any-kind-of-effort market.

There is very little that they got right and the only real redeeming feature of it is the enemy AI, in that it can be quite a challenge if you're not concerntrating properly and get to the 'being overun' stage - which can easily happen due to "magical reinforcement waves that happen to know your exact location even if you're hidden and not engaged". The other thing they got pretty right was the enourmous landscape - absoultely amazing - but of course, is it not said that "pretties and perks maketh not a good game".?

The missions are same-same for the most part and generally very easy once you've spent more than a few hours in-game and worked out the mechanics of it, and once you've worked out all the little "broken-game" tricks you can use rather than actually commiting your character to dangerous conditions - such as the Explosive Drone perk, which means you don't ever have to "plant C4" on anything anymore, just fly that drone in and Bang!, that objective is no more.

Character movement is OK but lacks "Jump"(huge pain in the bum), and Vehicle movement is, as most have already heard, quite atrocious.

There are numerous bugs that affect all sorts of things from de-syncing of weapon attachments (my supressor IS on, dude, even if it's not on your screen and i sound un-supressed to you) and accessories such as bino's and NVG, to the odd random "host migration", which dumps you out of COOP and into single player mode without warning, and as a bonus niether player(s) will know who's instance is the real one until you back-out to the menu. VoIP, whilst serviceabele, works only when in an instance, so no comms until actually playing the mission.

The "Bosses" are quite easy to take down (in the various ways required) on the most part and the last boss, the Big-Cohuna-Endgame-Boss is, well i won't spoil it for others but lets just say i was almost speachless with dissapointment ("hwaa?! yer f4rk'n jokin me arnt ya??!!!) when my mate told me how the final "battle" actually went down, particularly considering how absolutely utterly lame it was - btw he finished the entire game already.

Ballistics is, well, Bad, but mainly due to greatly reduced bullet velocities - all guns appear to have the similar velocities - which produce slow-motion arcs that drop like lead balloons and give the impression of paintball guns.

The overly abundant radios around the environment spouting the same/similar rubbish are highly annoying (Bolivians should be really pissed off at Ubisoft for their treatment in this game) - one Metagame within this has now become who has the most radio kills (only way to shut them off). The Operatives dialogue is grating, 'murican jingoistic tripe that constantly repeats, many times completely out of context, and only reinforces how shallow and uninteresting they really are - oh, and you can't turn it off either.

There are so many other little things that are annoying or just simlpy broken, that they will never be albe to fix, in this game that i would have you guys bagging me out for writing a novel, so i won't. Suffice it to say that i wll not be giving Ubisoft any money ever again and i beg you all, as others have rightly stated, DO NOT PRE-PURCHASE ANY GAME FROM A "AAA" COMPANY , you will be dissapointed.





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Original Rainbow Six is like the first shooter I've ever played after the DOS era. Then Rogue Spear, Raven Shield, Ghost Recon, not sure which came first of those last two... Hell, I bought a magazine to get the demo of Ghost Recon because we didn't have internet back in the day. I bought the demo of Ghost Recon, essentially. When I look at what these series has devolved into, it has me all feeling like



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Ghost Recon Wildlands is pretty fun and great for Military-Genre players, it's fun for MMO and leading your own squad, it's history based and has recently added a 4v4 PvP gamemode, it's great!

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