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Robin Sage

Recent Events and Opinions on Potato Drama

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Before I go into all this bullshit I'm going to just tell everyone right here and now that this is NOT a witch hunt and nobody needs to ****ing comment on this shit defending anyone or accusing and flaming the goddamn post. This is just a representation of my opinions and views over the past 48 hours or pure potato drama. 

So this is the situation; Nordic is QA for OWI. He also represents the well known clan Mumblerines in EU Squad and has a positive involvement in the development of SQUAD with both Server Side shit and Bug fixing in the QA Department. He has also volunteered a ton of hours to helping the community providing things like SquadBOX, helping CCFN with servers, helping to create a Stat Tracker which will be released AFAIK in the next month or so for servers. 


What you are about to read next is MY interpretation of the events that happened and not necessarily FACT but what I have interpreted as fact based on my own views. 

Nordic was helping to fix INI Tweakers from being able to join servers with tweaked files to gain an advantage over other players with no foliage and other bullshit stuff. Karm was also helping. At the time I was a Mumblerine, we knew that this was going on and supported it 100%. One day, pictures were posted in reference to shooting at people and them having no idea where it was coming from. I stated my opinion that I thought it was ****ed up to do that in live servers and that as QA there is a reason we have a community testing group, with servers IF you need to have people to test that which I don't think you do if you're just tweaking files to see if you can connect and/or see foliage. The response I got was "As us OWI people say, it's for science" and "Luckily I don't care about you :'("


So I took it higher to someone, and it got dealt with. I received a response shortly afterwards threatening to kick me out of the clan and if I had a problem to go to Nordic instead of telling someone else. Which I had done until I got the cold shoulder. So I responded with a natural "Get ****ed" and left the Mumblerines. I did not expose  or talk shit afterwards because frankly AT THAT POINT it was not relevant nor would it do the community any good to create drama when it was dealt with already.


The second instance was during a Squad Master's Competitive 12v12 [M] vs whiteFOX Nordic posted footage on youtube of him going into admin cam during a match in order to catch someone water glitching. I'm not going to go into who was water glitching or whether or not it's true I'm just going to go with PERSONALLY what I experienced and perceived. Nordic went into Admin Cam during a COMPETITIVE MATCH with referees present in order to "Check" if someone was glitching. The logic there is "I'll cheat to see if you're cheating". Regardless of the REASONING behind the actions, it is still cheating and it's not his job to ref the match. 


The troubling part about this and is partially Squad Master's fault is that Nordic was not in the config file for admins. So he had to access AdminCam through the QA Admin Rights that WERE enabled on the server. He was not intended to have access to AdminCam yet still accessed it in direct violation of tournament rules, any sense of integrity in competitive gaming which is what SQUAD is all about regardless of it being organized or casual it is still a competitive FPS. So this is the second time that QA Rights were abused and after hearing his side we are supposed to believe it was an "accident". 


The third instance is later that night after a decision was made by Squad Master's to ban Nordic from the league people took the video he posted and went frame by frame to check his console log. There were two commands that were troubling to those who checked. DebugStopBleeding which essentially stops a player from bleeding immediately and AdminSlowMo which slows down time in a match. SlowMo was used twice and StopBleeding was used once.


The devs have confirmed that StopBleeding does not work except for on dev servers and branches which I believe, but it does not negate the fact that at the end of the day that command was still entered INTO the console. So it was attempted. I have no hate towards the Mumblerines and actually tried to defend the clan as a whole when a discussion

was brought up to ban the whole clan. I was adamantly against that. 


I will not speculate on what OWI's response to this is or what the punishment, if any, will be in the future. I applaud the developers of this game for trying their best and dumping their whole heart into this game. However, the community is fed up and has been torn in two because of this bullshit. I'm tired of receiving private messages asking what happened, asking if I heard this or heard that. I'm tired of having ANOTHER CLAN PM me and ask me to expose Nordic for them because they don't have any ****ing balls to do it themself. Has this been blown out of proportion? Yes. Is this still a serious ****ing issue? It most definitely is. This is his third strike and in my opinion because I believe the events that I described happened that way as fact he should be completely banned from the game. 


If this happened on his server, there would be a permaban with no chance for appeal. People have been banned from the game for far less or committing equally ****ed up offenses. Three times is not an accident. We have no way of knowing if he has done this in the past, we only know what he has been caught doing. 

CHEATING in any game is wrong. You're ****ing over the community you say you love. Once you deceive us, you don't need us. I will be posting the link to a video that I DID NOT create but that is being circulated. I do not agree or disagree with anything in that video but it is the video that he has uploaded which started this shitstorm. 


This post may be censored, it may be deleted, but I'm 100% positive that there are enough of us in this community that require action to be taken and not just another slap on the wrist. The worst thing that can be done right now is to take NO action and act as if it never happened. It is everyone's responsibility to police our community. So ****ing do it. 

This is to all the mods by the way. I appreciate everything you do and would hope that you allow this thread as long as it stays civil. We have very FEW places where we can post and discuss things without fear of reprisal in this community. The Forums should be a place where we can have these discussions and inform each other regardless of our personal views on the matter. 




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We are dealing with the situation and would appreciate the time and some space to deal with this situation objectively without pressure to do anything caused by community pressure.


Some of these things that are being purposefully forced around the internet are assumptions and rumours. Please allow us the time and space to deal with this appropriately.


First off, we do not sanction the use of admin cam during any match without prior approval from the server admin, nor should any admin powers be used before clearing with a server admin, even if the explicitly enabled QA admin access on their servers.


We assure the community that we take this stuff very seriously.

So seriously that we have revoked all QA's powers across the board, indefinitely, while we resolve this and gather all the facts. We will not be pressured in to making a rash decision based on smear campaigns, whether that is someone that represents OWI or OWI itself that is the target of it.


This was no easy decision to make as this choice will definitely have an impact on the quality and timeline for v9, but that is how seriously we take it.


We get that the passionate people involved on all sides in this are extremely invested. We get that is the motivation behind the actions.

You guys want us to know that you care - We do.

You guys want us to take action - we already have taken lots of actions, chief among them the above removal of all QA access.

You guys want this resolved sooner rather than later - so do we, we have a game to make.


Please be respectful enough to extend us the same courtesy to resolve this without escalating this behind the scenes in attempts to divide and factionalize the communities. That goes for all parties involved.


I will now lock this thread, but leave it up to prevent further spam of this "campaign".



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