So how is this evidence of hacking? I'd like to community to weigh in on this. I see a fob out in the open and my guys seeing it and moving over to it, nobody was on the other team and relaying fob positions as thats not how we promote fun and fair game play within our team, on our server or anyone elses server for that matter. OP first light is a small map and easy to ascertain FOB directions, especially when you see a few guys moving away from the middle of no where. Also the fact that everyone puts a FOB back there when attacking Militias last cap. Per our training, we do not engage and start looking for the enemy fob to knock out reinforcements while relaying those spotted enemies to the team, especially if its in a usual spot as the many hours we have in this game we have seen it all and OP first light isnt forgiving on FOB placements due to its small map size. Going along with training it is pretty standard to send out some feelers down a usual flank the enemy takes to gain SA (situational awareness) which includes, locating enemy movements, spawn points, and flanking a force from the rear as needed while relaying all info to SL, allowing SL to disseminate the information to the rest of the team.    From what I see here, I see admins (who are on the opposite team) abusing their powers to protect their teams horrible FOB placements which is heavily against the official server licensing rules in regards to administration of said servers.

-RAOR- does not, I repeat, Does NOT cheat in anyway shape or form and are the first to bring such accusations to an admin, and heavily enforced within our server as per the devs licensing rules they put forth to mitigate these situations. And everyone on our team knows if there is someone ghosting it is a lifetime ban from our team, community, and potentially other servers we play on.  We are also very involved within the squad community and try and teach, promote teamwork, and win games so doing something like ghosting wouldn't be in our best interest as a community or for promoting the core of squad gameplay.   You are more than welcome to come to our discord (info on front page of our website http://www.lostost.com/) and cross check the names you see there to the names on the other team or to lay your claims to our team in person. The team would also like an apology for jumping the gun on perma bans with the only evidence being a video showing a horrible fob placement and admins using their power to influence the game by saving said FOB, as is heavily against the official server rules. Edited 30 minutes ago by grimshadow