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January 2017 Monthly Recap

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As a Estonian, keep in mind that Narva has a border check point. And The "NATO" (US or British) factions can only attack from the Estonian side and Russia or Russian Insurgent from Russian side, the side that the castle is on. It´s a city that borders Estonia and Russia and I would love to play it as I´m a local but would hate to hate the map because it´s focused as a "Russian" City as It mostly still is Estonian. Just giving my two cents in

Also If you need any Estonian AD fakes I´ll do them for free in Estonian and Russian, as they are mostly in Russian still in Narva because of the population. I mean I saw the screenshots and there is no English used there in ads, I could replicate the ads so there would not be any copyright problems but also people would recognize them and knew what it was, while it still being not 1-1. 

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