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Resolution problems

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Right, so my problem is as follows.
I have been running the game full screen on my primary monitor 2560x1440, with a secondary monitor that is "extended" 1920x1200

And the game thinks thats fine, but borderless, or windowed it does not like at all. The game then thinks my primary monitor is 1600x900 and starts the game up like that.. at launch screen and the splash at the start its windowed on my primary, then it stretches out to fullscreen but still in the same resolution so stuff looks blurry. If i try to change the resolution it does not want to, if i try to change to fullscreen or windowed it jumps back to borderless. It wont cooperate.

I have manualy forced the resolution in the "DefaultGameUserSettings.ini" file in /steamapps/common/etc..
And I also forced it in user/appdata/etc.. first the one, then the other, then both.

this changes nothing.. So i deleted the entirety of the squad related files in /user/appdata/etc.. that changed nothing..

So i deleted both /user/appdata/etc files.. and the files in the config folder of /steamapps/common/etc.. then verified the integrity of the game, redownloaded those files then tried.
Still nothing.. I then rechecked my actual screen resolution verifying that it is indeed 2560x1440 and i am assured by windows that it is. I then disabled my secondary monitor so no more extending, incase that was messing with it.. This also did nothing.

At this point i am at a loss and i need help.

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After you unpluged your Second Monitor, did you reset all other settings you did in the ini files?

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I never unplugged the monitor, i simply changed the settings in windows that "extended the displays". And yes, I did that, i did not delete the steamapps files and revalidate /redownload. But i did delete the /user/appdata stuff.


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Is that only happening on Squad?
Which Graphic Card do you use?

You can try this:

- Unplug your small monitor and start Squad.

- if you get squad in window or borderless mode press ALT+Enter.

I guess you tried this:
C:\Users\ *username* \AppData\Local\Squad\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor
and open "GameUserSettings" change to "ResolutionSizeX=2560" and "ResolutionSizeY=1440"

maybe you can post what default settings are shown in your File


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