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Discord  http://usalegacy.xyz


Steam Group  http://steamcommunity.com/groups/SquadLegacy


Website  https://usalegacy.us


Two 80 player servers  [USA] Legacy (servers get named with their maplist/mode).  See the #rules channel in our discord.


We have a wonderful, kickass game server within a great game community.  Respect it, and add your part.  Be a good squad mate, and always obey your Squad Leader’s orders.


#Squad Leaders#
Play together, and play to win.  Allow players to learn a kit as long as they follow orders and take it seriously.


We don't ban Clans, Communities, or Bros.  We ban Rule breakers.  However, except for especially egregious rule violations, we will reduce or remove a ban 1 time simply for an acknowledgement of breaking our Rules.


#Other Clans and Communities#
Please kindly seek any Discord admin for approval if you plan to recruit on our server.  Poaching players to populate an unaffiliated server is not allowed.


#Legacy Leadership#
Assume players want to have fun, and bad or different players exist.  Don't disrupt the server and confuse bad players with actual disciplinary issues.


• #1   No chat/voice spamming, trolling, or abuse
• #2   SLs can kick from their squad for any reason
• #3   No LOCKED one man squads
• #4   SLs must use a mic and attempt to communicate equivalent to other SLs
• #5   Acknowledge accidental tks and asset destruction over ALL chat
• #6   Join a squad
• #7   Afk may be kicked to make room
• #8   Keep squad/player names reasonable
• #9   No trolling assets


#Ban Lengths#
•    Perm -  3rd ban, Hacking
•    1 month -   2nd ban, Tk Main,  Ghosting (sharing privileged information)
•    1 week – 1st ban


#VAC/Game bans can be banned#
•    3 or more
•    Last 60 days
•    Appeal is at admin discretion


•    Camping Main is permissible if all previous capture points are taken.  Moving past Main is acceptable.  Ambush immediately outside Main is NOT acceptable.  It is NOT camping Main if you are inside a cappable point
•    Do NOT fire any weapons out of Main
•    Do NOT place a mine at any point you can see Main


•    Pings consistently over 250 may be warned then kicked

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I decided I would leave my feedback here. Even though it's in the wrong forum.


I used to be a long time moderator and admin for this group, they were formerly a part of the old Bloodbath squad community. 


I just want to warn some new players or some who may play here a lot about some things. 


Let me put this in a pro/con list.



1. Community is tight knit. Many play with each other daily. They are experienced players who will probably teach you how to play.

2. They take a reasonable stance on in-game trouble makers, especially with the 1 time ban removal. I have formed my own community around theirs significantly. 

3. They have some creative ideas and execution of them. 

4. They keep their server populated quite often with decent map rotations sometimes.



1. They charge money for a reserve spot so you don't need to wait in queue. Many servers offer this for free.

2. They claim to be a server for all communities. When you grow your own group of friends large enough, you will find that is not actually what they believe. If you hold any staff position expect to be thoroughly outted either immediately or down the road. They will say things are fine and then a month later they will inform you, they agreed in private you are no longer welcome. Don't waste your time trying to help them, they just want you to do their moderating so they can rake in reserve slot cash.

3. The admin team as of now is pretty abusive/inept. Perhaps not on their own server all the time, but 3-5 of them are trolls and will harass and instigate fights or cause drama in various places. 1 admin is <18 years old, so you get the idea..

4. While some of the admins are okay, they dont bother holding the other ones accountable. So more of the same always happens. 


All in all, I would say the server is O.K. if you are in the Midwest US, but be VERY careful investing a lot of time with this server and it's staff. They will not think twice in replacing you. There are plenty of better servers. All servers are supposed to have a feedback post in the game server feedback channel. Note how this one doesn't. This is the type of lack of care common with the server. 



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Squad servers cost time and money.  Don't want to wait in line?  $3 a month, $25 a year for a Reserved slot.  Do you make videos or graphics?  Are you willing to help pop the server when called upon?  We can trade.  Type ?donate in our Discord to find out more https://discord.me/usalegacy 


We still have the initial 30-40 Reserved slots we gave out for free, and I'll let you in on a little secret.  We don't remove the Reserved slots once given.  Not even for Hertz or the FS Clan, or for a one-time $3 monthly donator.  We've had almost 40 unique donators help fund Legacy servers since November 2016.  Come be a part of our group, play on our server, and judge for yourself.


Regardless, we take all feedback good or bad.  Other Legacy admins or regulars may comment regarding other Cons, but if we can improve in some way, let us know.

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As a newly donator to legacy, I'd like to see more active admins on during the late night? I live on the west coast but during the day I work and when I do play its later in the day from like 12-am to 5-am west coast but during that time I rarely see admins on during that late night. But other than that there's nothing I can really complain about.  

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That's late for the average person and I think it's outside the hours of coverage we listed on our license application, but we'll start looking for admins or moderators @immprovise to better cover overnights, especially on the weekends.

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