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[21MID] 21st Mechanized Infantry Division

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Thank you for showing interest in the 21st Mechanized Infantry Division!






We are a tactical realism community that have recently transitioned from Project Reality to Squad over the new year, we aim to maintain our high standards of teamwork and deploy our time-proven tactics that have been developed over the past few years to Squad. As of right now we are looking for new members that wish to be a part of a truly unique and active community.


Our group is made up of mainly experienced Squad players as well as a few beginners. We are reasonably beginner friendly and are willing to reach out and help newer players get a better understanding of the game and its mechanics.


As the name suggests we are primarily a Mechanized force and one of our primary aims is to utilize Armoured Personnel Carriers in concert with Infantry as part of a standard unit-wide doctrine. Furthermore as new assets are deployed to Squad over time, this aspect of the unit will continually evolve to meet the needs of an ever changing battlefield.  


Our Goals:


  • Develop and execute new advanced mechanized infantry tactics into the world of Squad.

  • Develop a unit campaign aspect, including inter-unit skirmishes and competitions.


We Offer:


  • An active and International community with members from across the globe

  • A fun yet realistic environment

  • In-house unit trainings and events, useful for both veterans and beginners.

  • Both Private and Public Squad Servers

  • Fixed in-unit Squads.


We are looking for:


  • Mature Players over the age of 17

  • Members willing to help develop the unit and its structure

  • Members willing to help seed the servers

  • Members with availability and good time management


This is just a small introduction to what we are about, but there is plenty more information to pick out. If this has gotten you interested, please visit our website for further information.


Website: www.21mid.com


Squad Server: https://squad-servers.com/server/2417/

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Bump, we are still looking to fill a few more slots before the release of V9! If interested, feel free to pass by our website or alternatively jump on our teamspeak and talk to one of our members!

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Welcome to Squad, the best team based tactical shooter ever ;)

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2 hours ago, Rick said:

Welcome to Squad, the best team based tactical shooter ever ;)

Well we been around for quite a while now, and we came from Project Reality so we're quite sure of what we're getting our selves into. But thank you Rick! :)

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On 10/6/2017 at 5:53 PM, [email protected] said:

Interested, but i see that your servers are based in the US, i fear i will have too high ping since im based in Norway with only 70mbit VDSL

Hey There,


We have people from all around the world in our group.  We have several members from Denmark, Norway & Germany currently who isent suffering any issues.


Our server is based in New York City, so it is as close to the US East Coast as possible. Allowing Europeans to play on the server without connection issues.


I currently live in Denmark and have a ping of about 90-100 and I honestly don't feel a difference from EU Servers and our own.

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