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- The convoy team have 3 cargo trucks and some attack vehicles to scout and defend the cargo.
- The Defence team must build defenses into strategic points to cover all the main roads on the map with 50 cals and stuff to destroy the enemie convoy.
- The convoy team can only respawn a next cargo truck IF the first is destroyed.

- Convoy team must escape with 1 truck to some distant point on the map (randomly marked on the map and only visible by the Convoy Team)
- Defence team must eliminate all the cargo trucks.


- With the new Land Mine coming soon, i suggest a new class or equipament to detect and disarm mines.
- The Attack team, in order to survive, must do a really good scout job with some infantary to detect enemy bases and destroy it, in order to make a safer route to the convoy.
- The Cargo Truck is a heavy truck and moves slowly than the loggie truck for example, and if much more safer to drive on roads, because elevations, trees and other stuff can make him to get stuck. And also is stronger and harder to be destroyed by enemies.

- It will be wise to the defence team to build some barriers on the roads to delay the convoy. And make some ambush style approach.

I think this game mode will represent a fun way to play.. any more suggestions? :) (ps: sorry for my bad english, I'm Brazillian)


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I think i read somewhere, some time ago (+6 months ago) that they had thought of a gamemode where a conventional force would have to either start with or build a base deep in enemy territory. If the base got overrun the conventional force would lose. In order to keep it alive they would have to do daring convoy-runs to and from their main base, and maybe even have to patrol the area to fight the enemy.

The irregular force would then have to decide if they wanted to attack the base, try to ambush patrols or the convoys to the base.

I thought it sounded really interesting, and something that could somewhat easily be made with the current game.

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15 minutes ago, Zylfrax791 said:

Wouldn't you actually have to fix the game and make it so the vehicles didn't get stuck on rocks, walls and logs first before you make a convoy mission?

Yeah, this is just a suggestion, for the future! :P

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