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when is the next update

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23 minutes ago, thebiglez said:

i wasnt really hoping for exact date, but do you think it will be 1 week, 3 weeks or something like 2 months?

Dec 2015 - v3
Feb 2016 - v4 (2 months)
Mar 2016 - v5 (1 month)
May 2016 - v6 (2 months)
Aug 2016 - v7 (3 months)
Nov 2016 - v8 (3 months)

There are the previous releases, I suppose from this it would be reasonable to expect v9 in the next couple of months. That said, as four people above have said, no one knows - it is known. 

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I think i read somewhere that 8.9 was supposed to be v9. They had problems with getting some stuff and decided to release what worked in 8.9 and pushed v9 back. Because of christmas and so on i dont expect v9 before start of Feb. This would also fit the 3 months wait for v7 and v8.

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