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Status of SQUAD vs VR (oculus) compatibility

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Thanks to Santa Claus, i ve a Oculus Rift VC1. It is just amazingly immersive in simulation like X-plane.


I was expecting to use it also with with SQUAD ... but i couldn t make it work. Of course i ve searched on the net ( specially here) but what i understand of the situation is the following :


"As SQUAD is Unreal Engine based it was natively working but with some drawbacks. Starting a version this winter the compatibility has been broken. Since then ..no news" 


Is my understanding inline with reality ? When can we expect a VR compatibility ( partial or total) ?



Regards & Thanks for your help.



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Not something we officially support but I know in the modding discord some people have been working on compatibility. 


It has never been part of our design plan to support VR but it may happen as a by product of adding features like free look in the new animation system. 


We will have to wait and see. 


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