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Time of start period before match

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So this is a minor suggestion that I don't expect to be taken very seriously but it is something that I would hope would be addressed. The pre-match warm-up is already longer than must start times are in other games, but as an experienced squad leader, I must say that sometimes I wish that not only did I have more pre-game warm up time to coordinate my spawn, but, that I had a thirty to sixty second period in which I could coordinate and organize my team at the spawn base without fear of all the vehicles being taken.

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The thing you are suggesting was discussed plenty of times even on a recent thread that i've commmented with an idea of myself .... but i don't care if there will be more threads about this actually xD ,  this thing must get alot of traction and it's very improtant to implament a system for that ASAP ! 

Hope you guys won't mind if i'll bring it up agian : 


Really really like the idea of being able to spawn at main without the abillity to leave it for a couple of minutes . in my opinion planning is really important and there should be alot of time at begining of a game dedicated to it , nobody like this rushing chaos at the begining of a game ... So imagine something like this : 2 first minutes will be dedicated for squad creations, mic checks, role picking ect ...  , after that everyone expect squad leaders and the commander will be muted and only way to talk for the rest of the team will be via typing chat , at this time the map will open (  something like the beautiful one we got to see in the thread "user interface concept art" - 


with the abillity for squad leaders and commander to not only place markers but also draw on the map with each squad having its own unique color , in this prosses the map will be opened for everyone and everyone will hear the squad leaders and the commander talk and plan on the map ( all the rest can only use chat to talk ) , this prosses will last up to lets say 4 mins or until thr commander approves the plan , and then in the last stage EVERYONE will spawn in ( without this "hold spawn and wait for a rally" FUC King BULL shit ) without the abillity to get out of main, at this time every squad will grab its own vehicles ,this prosess will last about a minute and then everyone will be good to go and fight !! this will also counter the problem where even SQUAD MEMBERS are left behind at main becuase of rush and hurry to get the objectives and build Fobs.


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