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All the vehicles should woble back and forth when 50cal or Spg start shooting from the flank side of the vehicle, now these vehicles are sooooo static and far away from the realism.

of course when we are shooting from the 50cal on a technical the wobeling effect should make us loose accuracy bcs the aiming sight will start pushing up and thats why insurgency cant burst all their munition in a single round its over heated and they will loose the accuracy.

spg should woble after the shot but the wobble not gonna affect the accuracy of the shot bcs it occurs bcs of this single shot.


50cal or any weapon on a toyota shouldnt be equal to a HMV or BTR specially in accuracy


one more thing the grenade smoke effect should be slower. Make the speed of the smoke like PR so realistic


Thank u Dev team lets make squad more and more realistic


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Agreed, vehicle wobble while firing is a must, though I think the effect should be limited to technicals. The Humvee is a lot heavier than a pickup and the M2A1 doesn't have the kick of the DShKM, and the BTR... well, it's a BTR. If the effect were to be applied to those vehicles I would only do a tiny, slight wobble when firing.


The wobble effect will be necessary when IFVs and tanks make an appearance, it could even be applied to i.e. attack helicopters when firing the their 30 mm.

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