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[ABOUT FLAG] Large gameplay modification by simple change

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I know, the game will change, new weapon, artillery, etc, etc...

But, i dont think weapon/vehicle update or little "tactical" tweak can really improve the gameplay. 
I'm playing every night to this game, its my drug. 
I noticed what currently, the dev ask us to take the flag one by one, which create the following behaviour :


-APC rush on malak abad (exemple of rush, but they ask us to rush as far as we can to prevent ennemy to take his first flag so we can take all the one he is missing)

-FOB rush on papanov (or anywhere, actually i even see suicide logical trying to put fob right behind the main ennemy base xD)

-Using FOB on ennemy rear as teleportation door for taking the ennemy back flag before it can fall back (i know, pr fob will fix it. Did u see pr fob in squad? Not me).

-Forcing 70 ppl fighting in 500m when we have 4km² maps and doesnt giving any buff to manoeuvring move (i have csgo for this)

-Creating repetitve behaviour to win (i'm using them too, i'm not an hypocryte), i'm not the first one coopérating with an other squad and caping all the flag in fast order so the game is 20 minutes long. 

-Seriously giving no interest in trying to cut ennemy supply line with big "checkpoint fob", creating "control fob" other big hill (except on malak or logar but, its just fob on top of the flag instead of inside the flag) 


So, i just took 2 minutes for making this little, absolutely caricatural map of what i'm thinking, let me introduce it. 
I call it "ho watch, 2 more flags to take at the same times for different game mecanic". 
It works the following way : 


U can take all the immediate flag (blue & red) in any orders, but u need at least the first flag to take one of the medium flag, and once u have one of the middle flag, u can take all the others middle flag (white one). Just follow the link between them to understand. 


Exemple for better understanding : 



Exemple of "counter rushing reaction"





"yes bla bla bla, so everybody is going to fight on the red flag on the left".
No, if the ennemy is stronger on a flag, he is of course weaker at an other one, so u can win by fleeing him... giving his chance to "guerilla playstyle". 
U know, the kind of style fight 2 factions of this game are suppose to use!!!


"Ppl are still going to put back fob to teleport once they got the medium flag"

Yes, but they need to do it 3 times... So its 3 times harder! 


"Ppl are still going to rush with apc"

Like before, they need to do it 3 times... And if for exemple US put all his troops on the right part of the map, INS will just need to do the same... on left.. And the ticket bleed will negate on both side! 


"Do u know on some map u need to take 2 flags at the same times"

Well, i dont consider yes/no is a reponse, u are missing le "but". 
Le but is currently the third flag. 
Its also a basic mathematic question. 70/2 = 35. On a 100m² flag's compound = lot of ppl.
70/3 = 23. Its becoming more light, more clear. U can even give a chance to ppl playing in 3 men squad a chance to have an impact on the game.

"It already exist in PR"

U are talking of this? http://www.realitymod.com/mapgallery/?map=battle_of_ia_drang&mode=gpm_cq&size=64

Yes i agree, and it was cool. 


Ok lads, i summon the torn of hell, the army of ppl claming its bf-like or not pr like enough.
Punish me! 

And forgive me for my english, ofc... 

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Good initiative! I don't like the rushing that much either, it's fun and exciting sometimes but is a bit unrealistic. You address good points, a more responsible way of playing should be rewarded I think. 

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Very good idea, this will improve the game a lot. Less games that look the same to each other and more diversified stratégies.

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I do kinda like the idea of "zone" control. Its basically the same as the current flag system, but focuses more on "area" instead of "X building" to focus around.

Its interesting, Not sure how much its changes or benefits game play.

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Well I'm not offering to just change the cap orders for now, but i stick on this cause its easier to be read when u offer a simple idea. 

If i start to put all the idea i had for this game, no one is going to even read 10% 


Changing cape area and adding more flag create more reward for manoeuvring and coordination. It also force ppl to spread other the map so u prevent to have the 2 full team fighting on the same 400m square. 
Actually u dont need this much coordination, just to fight where the game force you to play, on the current white flag which each team try to take. 

In conquest actually, with just 4 men, u can do lot of things to change the game... but its too much for 4 ppl! 

There is something between conquest and AAS, and i think its this. 
U can still have impact on the game cause with one middle flag, u can act on the back ennemy line or all the other middle one, so even a little force of 4 men can help to turn the battle in their favor. But in other hand, still having a cap orders prevent this to become the mess it is in conquest with tone of little squad taking, leaving, all the flag at the same time in a big and really classic bf game. 

Exemple of others ideas : 


-When you are hit, u cant keep shooting, U got a hard blowback (stop power) which reward the first one who hit cause u cant return fire before 0.5 sec. 
Actually its like in csgo or bf, a very good player is always able to OS a noob who it him first, cause he has no penalty when he is first hit. 
So u have no reward for taking an ennemy by behind/flank 


-3 kind of injuries : bleeding + blowback // down but still able to move proned but no to use your weapon // unconscious (as it is now).

U just need to use the current hp system to do this : if you are put in yellow, you bleed + blowback, orange = blow back + down but able to move prone so u can hide near a cover, red = uncounscious

If in a near future they had the ability to carry injured mate, it will create a really cool and complete injured system 







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A different way of playing the kind of map we have (called kohat radio capture).. 
Only US can capture, they cant suffur ticket bleed but can inflict it to insurgent. But IMO it could be better to have 0.5 tickets bleeds if the game can accept it. 
Considering insurgent can bleed infinitively, they will be forced to try to kill as many us they can so it will improve guerilla playstyle. 

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Just an idea, but ofc u need to take the area one by one from the nearest to your main. U can imagine the ticket bleed while depend of the side your take the flag (farest of your main, higher bleed to the ennemy) 
It wont prevent rushing, but it can help ppl to play on larger area and to not all concetrate on the same point. 
I find battle on storage site ridiculous, cause we are just figthing near the end of the map and u feel so stuck...

The line between area is randomly placed, but it should be close from building depending of the nearest main (more building on the top right side of the more right area so its easier to defend for russia


With such big cap area, u will really need to hunt the ennemy hiding in the building to give u the possibility to capture it. 
A good minimal numbers of player for capturing can nerf early rush to the nearest size. 
For exemple, more u wanna take an area far from your main, more you will need men. 

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uping this.
Still so ****ing bored by petrol station rush, malak abad / mod zai, north dc / south residence rush, raildock rush, rushing, rushing..


We need more longer time to prepare game too. 

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14 hours ago, darricks said:

We need more longer time to prepare game too. 


Agreed here, as a regular SL I never have enough time to coordinate with all other SLs who all seem to load in 20s before deployment. 

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This +1000. I play the game daily and 95% of these rounds at least one squad is rushing to first flag of the enemy preventing them to capture further flags.

Other change i would like to do is: keep the same flag areas, but change the order they are capped. for example in OP First light the right side of the map (Railroad section) is almost never used.


Here's also quickly made alternate version of OP First light AAS flag layout.  This is totally not perfect layout but it will balance the flag placement much more and also offers a way to "skip" the flag capping order and flank the enemy (it can be used to attack enemy flag from 2 flags at the same time, or simply just ignore the skipped flags).  

But the enemy can do the same for you on the other side of the map. It is also much harder to baserape when the enemy has ability to attack 2 flags straight from the base that has distance between eachothers



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On 12/23/2016 at 11:22 AM, darricks said:



This is an idea I've wanted to see for a long time. I don't think it should replace the current modes. It should be a new mode called "Phase Lines" or something. But this style of zone based map encourages advancement along a front line. Sometimes it's fun to play a chaotic Conquest map, but other times I wish there was something that encouraged my teammates to organize into a proper lines. IRL the military uses this sort of method to plan out operations. Each movement has phase lines that must be crossed at certain times to keep the operation coordinated.

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