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Stay away from Vilayer!

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I've bought a squad service off them, but their customer support is not really giving a shit for any of my problems. I requested a refound becouse off it but they ignored that aswell.

Basicaly they scammed me off 30 euros. I'd suggest if you guys are looking for a squad server, go to any other host but them....


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I've been with vilayer for quite some time. Everything you are saying... is either a 1 off or a load of shit. 

Vilayer was the only service that could offer us a 100 tic squad server. 

Secondly, Owner messages me like 3-4 times a week Just to see how the servers running. 

Let's break down the facts here   1. You bought the service off them.   2.  Their customer service isn't giving a shit about your problems...    3.  I am assuming you have received the server because you are having issues with it.  4. The issues you are having or have created most likely aren't their problem.  5. Try posting what the technical issue you are having on the squad forums is rather than slagging a VERY professional company because you are having a hissy fit. 



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