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[ToG] Those Other Guys

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Server Name: [ToG] Those Other Guys


Server Links:


About ToG: Those Other Guys is a new community of gamers based in the EU. Founded in 2016, we strive for serious play in a friendly way.  We pride ourselves in knowing we are able to provide a great place to kick back and relax. Our aim is to produce a thriving community from all around the world, coming together to play squad, promoting team work and good communication and aiming for countless hours of fun.


Servers Rules:

Play Fair - Anyone caught cheating, hacking, aimbotting, glitching or otherwise trying to counter the in-game physics or rules will be instantly banned and evidence shared with the wider community.

Play Positive - Anyone caught intentionally sabotaging the teams objectives, including Intentionally TeamKilling, Spamming Voice Comms, Camping Uncappable base etc will be heavily sanctioned.

Play ToGether - Squad leaders must have and use microphones, no lone wolfing, listen to your squad leaders orders. Failure to do so may result in a player being kicked.



Servers Report Form: To report trouble players, please email [email protected] or use the report-player channel in our Discord


Servers Ban Appeals:  For servers ban appeals, please email [email protected]


Join us......fill out an application form on our website (http://tog.ninja/)


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